Soul Journeys in Central Pennsylvania

Developing inclusive faith communities in the spiritual tradition of the United Church of Christ, where we believe that "God is still speaking." Whoever you are and wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Invitation to You

Finding a spiritual home is not always easy. Our minds and our hearts often pull us in different directions. If we are religiously inclined, it is a part of our nature to seek wholeness in our lives, and in our friendships, our families and our religious institutions as well. It is ironic that the religious impulse, which originates in a desire for unity, often seems thwarted by institutional divisions and exclusions that make genuine worship impossible.

Those of us who have created Soul Journeys in Central Pennsylvania are members and pastors of the United Church of Christ, a denomination founded upon the prayer of Jesus "that they may all be one." If you'd like to learn more about our denomination, we encourage you to visit the UCC web page at, where you can find out about our church's vision and faith. But for many of us, it will be more important to find those places where spiritual hospitality is practiced on a local level, where our questions will be respected and our journeys and visions valued. That's what we would like to be for you.
Allen M. Fluent, Area Conference Minister
Penn Central Conference
United Church of Christ,
for Welcoming Congregations of the UCC


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