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Monday, September 29, 2008

Politics in Church

I recently became aware of a new way in which we are diverse at Trinity!! I don’t know how or why it didn’t occur to me before – maybe because I was enjoying all those jokes and one-liners about the “other” political candidate – you know the one! The one I’M NOT VOTING FOR!!

Do you see where I’m going with this? Being a church that’s “a home for all” means that we are aware of how inappropriate it is to make jokes about race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality – we’ve got that down cold!! But I think we forgot a category! Politics!!

We are citizens and we are Christians. We are members of a denomination that has declared itself to be a Just Peace Church (the 25th General Synod, 1985), which affirms “the unity of the whole human community” and opposes “the use of nationalism to divide the covenant of friendship.” That’s a good model!

As people of faith at Trinity Reformed UCC we claim an identity that has no regard for boundaries – not color or creed, not orientation or persuasion – not red nor blue! When it comes to loving our brothers and sisters, we follow the example of Christ who expanded the definition of “neighbor” far beyond our provincial neighborhoods.

So – love your country and love your candidate – but at church and with the members and friends of Trinity, love them with your heart and not with your voice!

Our religious heritage in the United Church of Christ (and our country’s founding principles!) recognizes the importance of the freedom of choice, expression and free inquiry into questions of conscience. Our nation’s democratic foundation offers the protection of the separation of church and state. You will not hear political sermons at Trinity – nor a support for any particular party or candidate. If I should share my opinion in a casual conversation on a given issue in these political times, it is just that – my opinion… but I will be more guarded in these days leading up to the day I cast my vote… and I hope you will be too.

We ARE a diverse community – let us respect the views and votes of this congregation – whatever they may be! Please refrain from political “humor” so as not to offend our sisters and brothers who may not share our sense of humor!

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